Thursday 4 August 2011


It's raining! It started around six this morning - I happened to be out, taking a little look at my garden, which I often do early morning, when it's still fresh and cool and shiny. It didn't start suddenly, just a few drops at first, then a few more and now it's raining quite steadily and solidly. Just the thing for a parched garden.

Yesterday was slightly less lazy in that I managed to do a whole pile of washing/ironing in the afternoon and evening. I think I'm gradually getting my energy back now. First thing in the morning I noticed four boxes outside the door which turned out to be the jam jars I ordered earlier in the week. Very nice indeed and I especially like the smallest ones which are just exactly the right size for gifts, three to a set, all different kinds of preserves. That's my thank you gifts at Christmas all sorted out apart from the actual making, of course! Lemon curd, plum and mulled wine jam and Christmas chutney . . . nice gifts, don't you think?

For ages now I have been considering replacing my pots and pans which, while still being completely functional, are showing considerable wear and tear. After searching around and looking at some wonderfully expensive sets, I've made my choice (not wonderfully expensive) and have placed an Amazon order in the hopes that they will come before my holiday. If not, no problems as I have a house sitter, but fingers crossed. I looked at the old pans and decided to try the Ree-Cycle page on Facebook before chucking them out: lo and behold, someone can use them. So that's another thing not thrown away - excellent!!

Today is pretty busy with the dreaded dental appointment this afternoon. Ho hum!

Photos: Yesterday evening's sky and today's results!

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