Saturday 20 August 2011


A rather pretty Streele Farm rose.

And here I am, very early, having woken about half an hour or so ago to say goodbye to S and M, who have just set off to take tenant possession of their new home. I know I've said it before, but I am just so grateful to them both for house sitting this week, caring for my garden and, hopefully, having a bit of a rest too after some frantic weeks getting things sorted up north before their move. Have a safe journey, both of you, and thank you very, very much.
It's still dark! Amazing how quickly the days shorten, isn't it. It's supposed to be summer and, indeed, yesterday certainly was, but with these dark mornings and increasingly short evenings, autumn is definitely snapping at her heels, ready to overtake at any moment. And I must get back in the habit of drawing my downstairs curtains in the evening!!

And so it's back to the usual routines again. I had a lovely time last week (did I say?) and part of me would love to be there still, but, as the saying goes. 'East, West, home is best' and I'm sitting here in my comfy computer chair, typing on my nicely spaced keyboard (which, nonetheless, doesn't prevent many a typo), French window open to enjoy the early morning fresh air, a hot mug of coffee to hand, just soaking in the homey, familiar atmosphere. S said that my house has a welcoming, cosy, comfortable feel - I though that was a lovely thing to say (thanks, S) and maybe that's why I'm so glad to be home again.

OK, I didn't send this earlier and now it's light. The tomatoes (blessing be upon them) have had their weekly feed and I've checked the leaves for nasties. The garden needs a bit of a de-weed and tidy up and the sunflowers are over and done and should be pulled. George should be over this morning, weather permitting, so I think I will make a little list for him. I need to go food shopping too so that's another list - not-so-little this time as I have friends coming to stay for a few days next week. Menu planning ahoy! Like the Greeks, they will come bearing gifts from their garden so that will have to be taken into account. Runner beans, corn on the cob, maybe tomatoes plus a few other goodies! Excellent!

Well, better get started. The case won't unpack itself and the washing won't clamber into the machine without some help from your truly. It's definitely back to reality now!

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