Sunday, 31 July 2011


Yesterday was a lovely day, punctuated by paracetamol as the tooth made its presence felt every four hours. It was fine overnight and is fine now, so maybe it's all calmed down again. Long may that continue.

OK, yesterday. It was a very lazy day for most of the time with a mad panic to get ready at about two o'clock. DD and I went round to an open house with Sharon Blackman, who is a local textile artist. She creates some lovely pictures with vintage fabrics, applique, patchwork and quilting and then turns her creations into photo cards. DD and I could have spent at least double what we did spent on cards, an original textile picture which will be a present for someone special, some egg cosies, etc . . .and she gave us a fabric bag to put all our purchases in, saying that she had at least fifty of these bags. Now, given that the bag had one of her originals stitched on, I felt quite bad about taking it away without paying but Sharon wouldn't hear of it. I can see that the bag itself took minimal work, but the applique didn't! We felt such generosity deserved something back so we bought a whole lot more of her cards!!!

Later on, after a cuppa and a chat, DG and DS came in. They had both been to London to ride on the tube (something DG loves) and to visit the science museum. You could tell that the whole trip had been an outstanding success and DG was laden with bits and bobs bought through the day. Several interesting things from the Science Museum, two London T shirts, candy canes, and several things he refused to show us (presents, I gather). So what with lunch at Liverpool Street Station and various other snacks along the way, it was a jolly good experience, although I think DS was longing to get home for a cold beer and a rest!

I hope today is as good in its own way.

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