Tuesday 9 August 2011


Ooops - missed yesterday's posting. To be fair, I was out all day more or less, and quite busy, but even so . . .
The car went in for its MOT and service yesterday. no nasty surprises, thank goodness, and it only cost what I expected it to cost. There's one little niggle that they want to look at again so it will have to go back in later on in the month. So today it's ho for the post office and road tax and then I will be all nice and legal.

Apart from that, I was helping DD to clear out some stuff and very satisfying it was too. Today I'm doing the same for myself. Funnily enough, when you do it for yourself it feels a lot less satisfying.

My heart goes out to everyone affected by the violent behaviours over the last few nights. Those who have damaged homes, those who have lost businesses, those who now have no jobs to go to. It's an odd way to protest about unemployment - to create even more unemployment.
And I believe insurance does not cover riot damage, which just makes it so much worse for individuals. Those responsible could so easily make a positive difference, so why do it like this? Because they find it fun? Exciting? Satisfying? I don't know, but it makes me feel sick.

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