Friday 19 August 2011

Home, sweet home

A lovely, sunny early morning - shame it was going home day.

But look what I've got!

Of course, typically, after yesterday's cold, windy and damp day, today was gloriously warm and sunny, just right for swimming in the pool - sadly we were on the road heading home instead.
A good journey, very trouble free all along the M25, through the tunnel and up until the outskirts of Chelmsford when I made a very bad decision.

It's the V Festival this weekend. As a result the inside lane of the A12 was chokka with V traffic so I whizzed past and decided to go in on the next turning, into Galleywood. BIG mistake. Let's just say it took an hour and a half to get from Streele Farm to the A12 exit and another hour to get through Chelmsford, a journey that should have taken 15 mins max. If I'd waited until the next exit, it would have been fine. Doh!!

But, on arrival back at home, I was greeted by S and M, my house sitters for the week, with the joyous news that I had a red tomato with several other nearly ready - see the photo at the top for proof. A titchy baby plum tomato, all of 2cms long. So I picked it, solemnly divided it into three and we all had a taste. And my word, what a superb flavour. I can't wait for the next picking.

It's good to be home.

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