Saturday 13 August 2011

Saturday evening . . .

. . . and I'm weary but happy. After some extremely heavy rain first thing, by eleven it had started cheering up and we went off to Tescos to get food for the next few days. We have a system to ensure no-one does too much work - we take it in turns day and day about to make lunch and dinner - breakfast sorts itself out really - and if you're the cook you are not the bottlewasher. Today it was DD's day and she used some of her garden/allotment vegetables (yes, even aubergines) to make a most delicious ratatouille which we devoured with great gusto, mopping every last bit of sauce from our bowls with chunks of a crusty baton. It really was scrummy and best of all there's some left over for another day. It's DG tomorrow and he's set on making a Christmas dinner. Eeeeek!

I must wax lyrical about the kitchen for a moment. It really is beautiful and very well stocked with equipment, pots, pans, china, glasswear, etc. It's a delight to work it, there's loads of room and working space. If I have any criticism it is that things are not organised all that intuitively - in other words I'd put stuff in different cupboards - but that's a minor niggle. You can see from the photos how nice it is.

When we got back from shopping we had an hour or so in the pool (lovely), then it was lunch. After that I went for a walk and picked some blackberries while DG played in the games room following which he and I knocked a table tennis ball around for a while - and he discovered that 'real' table tennis, even with jolly old Nan, is an awful lot harder than playing with his Miis on the Wii!
Then it was back to the barn for dinner.

I think I'm going to sleep well tonight.

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