Thursday 18 August 2011

Thursday evening.

A cottage with a Beatle haircut - which dates me good and proper!

The week has come and gone. It started with rain and it has finished with rain, but in-between it has been warm and sunny. We've stayed in a lovely cottage - grade 2 listed, according to Google, all mod cons, a reasonable internet connection, a bathroom each, an inglenook fireplace, wonderful views - and a swimming pool just for us.

We've cleared away, tidied up, mopped down and generally made sure there isn't too much for the housekeeper to do tomorrow. We've loaded the car with all but the last minute essentials. We've lit our last log fire and enjoyed the flames. We've eaten our last dinner here, drunk our last glasses of plonk this holiday, set the table for breakfast one more time.

It's been an absolutely wonderful week but Real Life is knocking on the door. Quite right too!

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