Wednesday 3 August 2011

Wednesday evening

Some of you may remember me whinging about the cold winter killing my bay bush and then my delight and surprise when it started sending out new leaves in the spring, mixed with frustration because I had just bought a new bay.

It's still continuing to grow strongly on a single stem and I've decided to try and turn it into a standard bay rather than just a bush. I have no idea whether what I am doing is right but here we go. This afternoon I pruned off all the lower side shoots and, not wanting to waste them, spread them out on a tray to start drying in the hot sun. I will need t0 get a strong stake in order to support the stem until it is thicker and, I believe, once I have it to the height I want, I need to start nipping out the growing shoots so that it fills out.

We will see . . .

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