Monday 15 August 2011

Monday morning

Early one morning just as the sun was rising . . .
(one of my favourite folk songs)

After a wonderful night's sleep, I have woken to the promise of a very fine day. The sun is rising, it's a little bit chilly out, but warming up rapidly and there's a mixed aroma of chicken and coffee pervading the kitchen.

It's my day for cooking. Breakfast is always my job because I am way the first person up in this little family holiday. To add to the usual cereal and toast, I have prepared a melon and strawberry platter. When we went shopping on Saturday there was a very likely looking pile of cantaloupe melons, so we got one. The strawberries were very much on special so . . . yes, we got some of them too! The rich red of the strawberries goes so well with the colour of the melon flesh and both taste delicious - I've tasted!

After yesterday's very yummy Christmas dinner, the chicken has been roughly de-meated (I know, no such word really) and the remains of the carcass is now gently simmering away to loosen the rest of the meaty bits and create a good chicken stock.

Lunch will be a selection of savoury sarnies (chicken, ham and cheese) with a mug of soup, followed by fruit. Dinner will be a sort of chicken risotto (or a vegetable risotto for DD made with what's left over so far plus a few extra veg to be bought this morning (must make my list!) followed by strawberries and yogurt.

Apart from meals, today is shopping, swimming, reading and generally chilling out, walking, berry picking . . . with the weather being just about the best we've ever had at Streele Farm, we're having a great time.

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