Wednesday 24 August 2011


Up early (so what's new) to get yesterday's chicken sorted. Two more meals for me, frozen in single portions, my guests are taking some home with them and the remaining carcass is boiling up as I type. I probably won't have time to deal with it today so it can stay in the pot and when it's cooled it can go into the fridge. Tomorrow, all I will have to do is slightly reheat to unjellify the stock and then get all the lovely meat off. Unlike Diane, as I have no dogs, it's all for me!! Organic free range whatever chicken may seem on the dear side in the shop, but, all used up it is a lot better value than chops, etc, where there's no leftovers so nothing to prepare and freeze for another day. What with the lamb, the ham and the chicken, I won't have to buy any meat now until well into next week.

Can't do better than that!

Photo: Another Streele Farm view - we have booked again for next year! :0)

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