Sunday 25 June 2017


Cool, cloudy and comfortable.  That's this morning round here!  We also had rain yesterday evening which wasn't much but better than nothing.

First thing, I went shopping.  I didn't have loads to get but I needed to visit several shops so off I went and two hours later I was home and putting it all away.  Very strangely, a cookery book and a couple of magazines seemed to have jumped into my bag so that gave me something to read later on in the day and for the next week too.  After that I didn't really fancy the allotment so I didn't.

I might have given the allotment a miss yesterday but I did catch up with my washing and ironing.  The latter was way too hot for comfort over last week but I'd got to the point of needing to iron something before putting it on so I girded up my loins, as the saying goes, and got stuck in.  I did two loads of washing as it was a great drying day and now the ironing basket is empty, both of old and new ironing.

The tomatoes in the garden are really making progress now.  Every kind now has lots of flowers and mini fruit, even the mystery Italian tomatoes.  They obviously love the heat.

Today I MUST do some weeding and I must also start clearing the cupboards downstairs.  Next Monday (not tomorrow), I am having most of downstairs decorated plus up the stairs and the landing.  So all the cupboards have to be cleared so that they can be moved.  It's going to be very disruptive, but it's a good opportunity to have another sort out and it will be lovely when it's all done.  Tomorrow the plasterer is coming to deal with the artex in the hall and downstairs loo so I guess I will need to do a fair amount of dusting and sweeping afterwards.

Well, sitting here won't get any of the jobs done, will it?  Breakfast first and then bath, after which I must work!  I wonder how much I will get done today.

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