Monday 26 June 2017


Another new day, another new week.  It's fresh outside and I've just closed the French window.  My toes are cold but I can't be bothered to go up and find my slippers so it can't be all that bad, can it?

I did allotment duty yesterday - 90 minutes of weeding, hoeing and watering and very peaceful and restful it was too.  After that I came home and started sorting out some of the cupboards.  I've made a decision about what to keep.  You see, for various reasons, I have several sets of china/tableware.  There's the main set that I use all the time, there's the set that Gordon and I had for best before the divorce, there's some fine, pretty stuff and then there's a load of chunky white stuff from Matalan that I got so, so cheaply when I knew I was having a load of family round for Christmas and didn't have enough.  Utterly ridiculous to have so much, I know.

Originally I was planning to sell on the old best stuff but you know what, I really love it.  I loved it when I first saw it, coming home from school, in the window of a shop in Lewisham and I've never stopped loving it since.  I haven't used it much because it's in a bit of an awkward-to-get-to cupboard and anyway, you can't get it any more unless you go to those expensive china replacement companies (I was thinking to sell it to them).

On the other hand, part from a few bits of the white stuff that I do use regularly, I wouldn't miss it one little bit.  It's 'cheap', clunky and - well, you get the idea.

So I have decided to donate the white set to the local hospice shop where, I am sure, they will get some use from it one way or another.  And I have resolved to use the Reflections tableware much more often, just as I am now using the Edinburgh crystal and the pretty china!  I love it, it makes me feel good and, although I am not a Kon-Whatsit person, it 'sparks joy'.
And there's that connection to a happy past too!

So, with any luck, I should get all that white stuff out of the house this week.

Later on yesterday I tied up the tomatoes again (inches every day now!) and made a very tasty dinner with sardines!

Today is busy.  The plasterer is coming at eight and, while he works, I will get on with cupboard clearing.  This afternoon, I am in school, Nanny-helping.  In the evening I am off to some Governors' Training all about assessment which, oddly enough, I am quite looking forward to.  No allotment today unless it turns really hot, in which case I will go and water.

There's fragrant smells coming from the kitchen as I have cooked some rhubarb.  I'd better go and deal with that and then I must get going so as to be ready for eight.
Have a great day.


  1. I had a similar China problem but decided to put the good stuff into use and if it gets smashed so be it.

  2. Exactly. I've already seen chips in the 'best' stuff so that's going in the bin straight away. I'm feeling ruthless - apart from which the more I hand on, the less I have to wash!
    J x

  3. Hi Joy. Your comments about saving for best rang a real bell with me. We had to move my friends Mum into a smaller place just recently and found tonnes of really good, expensive toiletries and the like that had been bought over the years as presents, and that she was "saving for best". We managed to convince her that at 85 every day was "best", and it was quite right to spoil herself by using the good stuff everyday. She is working her way through the mountain (and rather enjoying doing so, I think) but it made me look at all my "for best" stuff and start using some.

  4. The more I look at what I'm not using, the more frustrated I am getting with myself. As I said in the entry, I don't do Konmari, but I can see her point right now.
    Good for you and your mum - I bet she's loving using them too.
    I think the whole 'saving for best' was great when you could just afford one nice thing and the rest was utility-type. The world has moved on but the attitude has not. Mine is only just shifting.

    J x