Thursday 8 June 2017


Where's yesterday's sun?  The cloud is back, the wind never went away and it feels a bit chilly so the slippers and the dressing gown are both back in action and very grateful for them I am too.

It was gorgeous for most the the day yesterday although we did have some hard rain come the evening: it is just one of those weeks, isn't it?  I'm looking out for blight warnings now, early as it is in the season.

I finally got the extra beans planted in pots, all ten of them, which is more than I need.  That's all I have now so if they don't come up, I will just have to make do with what has decided to grow.  Gardening is very much an act of faith and, I suppose, now and again, faith has to be tested.  Beans or no beans, the strawberries are still coming on a treat, even if the new ones haven't started ripening yet, and I have loads in the fridge for these few pots of jam I intend to make.  I might tackle that this afternoon, if I can get the tuition planning finished this morning.

I went to the meeting yesterday morning, did my bit to help and came away again three hours later.  Happily, there was cake in the staff room at playtime to lighten the load!  One more meeting today and that's my school duties finished for this week as Y2 are doing something else this afternoon - my fingers are crossed for good weather for them.

Well, if I want to make jam this afternoon, I need to do planning now, so I had better get going.


  1. Thanks. The berries have been macerating in the sugar and I'm just about to start warming them. :-)
    J x