Sunday 18 June 2017


Good morning, everyone.  Isn't it hot?  Yesterday was a scorcher and today looks like being the same. or even more so.

It was pleasant at the school fair yesterday, albeit very hot.  I did my duty in the cake comp (not too many, thank goodness) and then wandered around, spending some cash and having some good chats to people.  I was glad to get home and turn the fan on though.

When I first retired, I had it in my mind to offer tuition to littlies, that age group being my favourite.  Things like phonic catch-up, early English/maths, etc. That didn't materialise at that time and I ended up with junior aged students.  Don't get me wrong, I'm loving it, so that's good, but recently I've had enquiries regarding younger children and the ironic thing is I don't have any more spaces - not unless I increase the number of afternoons/evenings I do and I'm not going to do that - I'm retired now.
It's nice to be wanted though!

Today is going to be hot, hot, hot, so the plan is to stay inside or sit outside in the shady places and the fans will be earning their space!😎
I woke this morning, sneezed six times and took the hay fever meds.  I understand that the pollen count is very high round here so I'm taking no chances.  In a few more weeks, my sort should be over and finished but I really sympathise with those who have reactions for a lot longer.  It can be miserable!

Well, time is pushing on and I have to wash my hair this morning.  I should really have done it yesterday but didn't.  It's not the sort of hair that can just be left - it needs drying and then 'ironing' into shape which does take a bit of time.  Having said that, it doesn't then need any more fuss until the next wash and it doesn't need daily washing at all, so no complaints.  Better get started though.

Please stay cool and drink plenty of water today.


  1. In this hot weather, it is lovely to let your hair dry naturally before ironing as the evaporation is very cooling.

  2. Great minds. I'm sitting in front of the fan with damp hair and, yes, it is wonderfully cooling.
    J x