Friday 2 June 2017


Good morning and welcome to another beautifully sunny early morning.  The French doors are wide open and the fresh cool air is flooding through the house.  It's truly lovely.

Yesterday was busy.  I went to the allotment and did around two hours of watering (which takes ages when you have two watering cans!), weeding the front patch (those weeds just don't give up, do they?) and then doing a bit more prepping of the back patch.  It was warm and energetic and very satisfying.  Then I came home and did the same with my little front patch which was very weedy and packed solid too (the lads next door have to retrieve their football!).  No longer though, I hope) now that it's all forked over and planted with bedding flowers.  It should look very attractive in a couple of weeks-ish.

I also managed two loads of washing, drying and ironing, a clear up of the kitchen and a bit of back garden work two.

Yesterday's strawberry count was 19!  I ate some yesterday and today I'm having the rest with stewed rhubarb for breakfast.  I won't pick today and tomorrow's picking is for Beth and Alex as there's loads nearly ready.

I was pleased to see that the montello tomatoes have flowers.  They were really slow last year so I thought they would be this year but they are way ahead of the sungolds.

Today is going to be a busy morning and a restful afternoon/evening.
I'm tidying up this morning for the cleaners.  I know that sounds daft but their task is to clean for me, not to tidy up after me so I like to give them a free run.
After that I have to unload some bags of potting soil from the car into the garden and replace them with the lawn mower and the strimmer and I will be allotment bound for a few hours.  Then it's home to a more restful afternoon and in the evening I'm eating out with my mum and dad which will be lovely.

So that's my day.  Very pleasant and, hopefully, productive.

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