Wednesday 21 June 2017

Wednesday and garden update

Good morning.  Another delightfully cool start to the day, great for watering, although it will hot up soon, I am sure.  The garden is loving the weather though.

The montellos are coming along . . . 
And have babies!
The mystery Italian tomatoes are reveling in the hot weather and growing almost visibly . . .

. . . and so are the sungolds

We have potatoes (I hope).  The other two bags are the same!  Charlottes and maybe King Edwards!
Finally, the Ruby Anns are taking off from where the others stopped.  Not many but they are beautiful fruit.
Must remember to take my camera to the allotment soon.

Yesterday was busy but I survived (!)  It was a very long day as the evening meeting went on until 10:30 and we are continuing it before the Full Governors meeting this evening.  However, we were comfortable!  The staff room was so hot that we decamped into the hall which has air con.

Today is easier.  I have to get paint from B&Q and then to water the allotment plants but after that I just have planning and jamming and cosy, comfortable, homey things to do until tuition and the evening meeting.

Thank goodness for fans!

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