Thursday 22 June 2017


Hi, everyone!

After a lovely early morning yesterday it got hotter and, by the afternoon it was baking!  Doing the allotment work wasn't too bad as there was some shade and plenty of breeze so I stayed for two hours, weeding and watering mostly.  I hoed around the baby corn and tackled the French bean area which now looks better although I am sure some of those weeds are still lurking, ready to pounce when we're not looking!  Today it is the turn of the mange tout to get the weed treatment!  I am determined not to let the whole place get into such a state again.

We may not have much fruit on the redlove, the pear and the plum trees but the other apple tree makes up for that.  If the June drop has happened, then we should get a good harvest here, fingers crossed.

I weeded after taking this photo - it is better now.  The baby corn is growing strongly in this heat.

. . . as are the courgettes.  We'll be eating some soon, I hope!

We have a flower on the sugar snaps.  Yay!

And a flower on the lemon cucumber.

The French beans are happy.  Even the ones we moved to fill gaps are now coming on.

After giving everything a good watering, I went home and did a bit of stuff in the garden after which I showered and cooled off a bit.  Tuition was, as always, good fun and then it was straight off to school for two meetings.

I enjoy these governors' meetings and last night we were back in the hall with the air con on which was bliss.

Today is quite busy but in a fairly undemanding way.  It's allotment first, then school followed by tuition.  I now have three students on Thursdays so it goes on later.  I'm really hoping today will be cooler and more comfortable although there's a weather warning out for storms this morning which means high humidity!

One good thing - whatever causes my hay fever is on the way out for this year.  Yesterday I didn't take a tablet and it was fine.  Today is a bit sneezy but nothing too bad.  A great relief.

Have a lovely day and stay cool.


  1. The allotment is looking wonderful all the effort is paying off.

  2. Those garden children look really happy!

    When you say baby sweetcorn, do you mean the mini sweetcorn that look like fingers or baby plants that grow into the usual corn on the cob sweetcorn?

  3. I mean the mini sweetcorn. The badgers go for the proper corn on the cob but don't bother with the baby corn, you see.
    Thanks, both of you. It's definitely worth the effort and the time, I think.
    J x