Monday 12 June 2017


What a beautiful morning!  The sun is shining, there's a fresh breeze moving the leaves and it is a bit cool but not cool enough to make me want to close my windows.  I think I will have breakfast outside today and make the most of it all.

I enjoyed yesterday.  I bustled around clearing up the kitchen which was, frankly, more than a bit of a mess, before getting things ready for the planned meals.  A potential pupil (or rather, the mum of a potential pupil) came for a quick meeting and left satisfied so I have one more on the list and absolutely no more space for anyone else.  It is very pleasant to be able to do what I have always loved - teaching - but without all the other stuff that made life a misery from time to time.
The Beth and Al turned up and we had lunch.  I had made cheese toasties (cheese and ham in Alex's case) with some salad and it all went down a treat.  However, I have now virtually finished the batch of red onion chutney that really adds something special to the toasties, so I will have to make some more.  It's a thermo recipe, so very easy, but it doesn't half stink the house out so I will have to pick my day carefully!

After lunch, Beth and I went to the allotment.  It's still looking good.  We strimmed and watered, Beth hoed round the potatoes and I did a bit more clearing of the back.  Then we had coffee and chatted.  It's such a pleasure and very relaxing.  There were a number of others around but no-one near enough to be intrusive.

Beth took these photos.

Then it was home for a quiet evening and a great night's sleep.

This morning I am allotmenteering again and today's main job is weeding and clearing around the rhubarb plants as those big leaves can hide a multitude of weedy sins!  I'll pick some rhubarb and, because I have the other fruit too, I shall make some of the best jam ever - strawberry, rhubarb and cranberry jam.  It's so gorgeous and just different enough to make splendid gifts.

The afternoon will be spent with FS and the evening will be garden pottering, I suspect.  All very gentle, happy and fulfilling.

In the time it has taken to write this, the sun seems to have faded somewhat but I bet it will be back before long.  And I'd better fade too and start some of those housework tasks that need doing every day.


  1. Ooh, those potatoes are looking good, I'm just imagining those tubers swelling nicely underground and that first taste of freshly dug up spuds. Yumm!

  2. Freshly dug and cooked taste so amazing, don't they. And we call it the 'humble spud'! :-)
    J x

  3. There is nothing humble about home grown spuds they are to die for

  4. They certainly are. So looking forward to digging them up, bit by bit!
    J x