Wednesday 14 June 2017


Good morning, everyone.  Down here in the SE it's another lovely day this morning with wall to wall sunshine and warm enough to eat breakfast outside.  Bliss, especially on a 'school'day.

Yesterday was also gorgeous, warm enough to switch on the fan late afternoon, and working at the allotment was sheer pleasure.  It's interesting how much stronger and 'fitter' it is helping me to become.  I used to be stiff and sore and achey but no longer!  The only problems I have now are with my feet and ankles and that's always going to be so, I think.

Anyway, I weeded and forked and sifted through to get rid of malicious roots and disturbed an ants nest which caused then great consternation.  There's only one more little bit of unworked soil now and I reckon I shall get that done today.
You can see what I mean here.

I didn't make the jam yesterday as it felt too hot to stew over a cauldron, but I have just ladled some into six jars and popped on the lids.  They're cooling and then I will make the labels - home made strawberry, cranberry and rhubarb!

Tuition went well and then I watched telly for a while before getting an early night (and slept right through too).

And the pong in the car?  What pong?  It now smells fragrant and pleasant!

Today is - guess what - yes, more allotment!  When I get home, in the afternoon, I'm off into school to watch a recorder lesson before coming home to make some bread.  In fact, I might make the dough before I go and leave it to rise while I am out.  Sadly, today's student is unwell but that does give me the rest of the day to get stuff done - there's almost always a silver lining.
The pollen count seems to be lower at the moment - no sneezes or sniffles yet, fingers crossed and touch wood!!!

I hope you enjoy the sun too.


  1. would you like to come and sort out my garden?

  2. Probably! :-) As long as you fed me.
    (Diane is a brilliant cook, folks)
    J x