Sunday 11 June 2017

What a gadabout!

I've made a list of outing/shows in my diary . . .

Coach trips:
Kensington Palace to see an exhibition of Diane's clothes
The Mary Rose Museum/exhibition
Buckingham Palace
Suffolk Coast

La Traviata (last night)
The Letchworth Arcadians at the Broadway Theatre
A Princess Undone
Private Lives (a matinee followed by a meal)

When did I ever find the time to work, eh?

Like I said - what a gadabout!


  1. Good for you there are no pockets in shrouds so enjoy it while you can.

  2. I love that way of saying it!
    J x

  3. You'll love the Mary Rose, it's fabulous, especially now they have stopped spraying it and opened it up more.
    Went to the Houses of Parliament a couple of months back, it was awesome!

  4. There are so many fascinating places to see and things to do, once one has the time (and the money, I guess).
    J x