Wednesday 7 June 2017


Good morning and welcome to what looks like a much nicer day today.  We have sun.  We have breeze.  We don't have rain (yet).

And we have loads more strawberries, despite me trying to dodge the raindrops yesterday to pick the ripe ones because I didn't want them to go over in the torrential rain.
I know what I am going to do with all the spare ones so far (the ones I can't eat, despite having some three times a day).  On Friday I have a friend coming over for the afternoon and on Saturday I am doing an 'afternoon tea' for a couple of other friends.  I shall make some strawberry jam!  Just a bit, maybe one or two pots.  It's a pound for a pound (fruit and sugar) so I can work it out and I have jam sugar and lemon juice so it should be fine and simple.  Just think - home made scones and home made strawberry jam.  Scrummy!

Despite the weather yesterday, it was a pleasant day.  The new tuition sessions seemed to go well enough.  There will be no need to water garden (apart from the planters) or allotment for several days which is just as well because this is a very busy week.  I held the washing back and it can be done this morning, with a stiff drying breeze when I peg them out.

This morning I am at a meeting followed by possibly attendance at a recorder lesson (but maybe not) with a tuition session late afternoon.  After that, in the evening, it's the start of a new series of Eat Well for Less, a programme I enjoy very much indeed so I will have to stay awake.  I've been dozing off at around eight o'clock recently so I will have to make an effort!

Have a pleasant day and I hope the rain stays off for us all.

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