Monday 19 June 2017


A belated Good Morning to you all.  I'm home after four days with my Mum and Dad, the washing is on, the fans are on, the windows are open and as soon as I have done this, I shall be watering the plants!  Phew, it is so hot already and I am really not looking forward to going into school this afternoon as it is so, so hot in there unless you are lucky enough to be in the halls or the head's room where there's air con.

It's been a pleasant four days but, of course, I have eaten too much and drunk too much so it's bread and water for me for the next few days.  I came back with some long frozen fruit that probably won't get used so I will be cooking, sieving and then either freezing or jamming straight away.

I have to do the allotment watering but I shall wait until the evening when things might be a little cooler, you never know.

So it is back to normality!


  1. Better to water in the evenings so the plants get a drink before the sun evaporates it off.