Friday 30 June 2017


Good morning, everyone.  I'm somewhat knackered after yesterday's very full day but it all went really smoothly with nothing to interfere with the flow or cause problems.

The course was really quite good with lots packed into the two hours it took.  Nanny helping was the pleasure it always is and the meeting was lovely and friendly, producing plenty of good ideas.
Finally, tuition was great and, in Great British Menu, the chef I liked got her dessert to the banquet - that's all my favourite chefs through!  Add to that a good night's sleep and I'm feeling great this morning.

Clearing out downstairs is continuing.  I'm trying not to go upstairs without taking something with me which seems to be making inroads into the clearing without too much hassle.  It does mean everywhere is affected though and the next two weeks are going to be a bit urgh!

Today is an easy day - well, as easy as days usually are nowadays.  I have a load of washing in the machine that needs freshening with a short wash before I peg it out and I shall be meeting Beth down the allotment.  I'm hoping there will be a courgette or two and, as I wasn't down there yesterday, I'm wondering how much the corn has grown.  Every time I turn my back it grows another inch or two!  I'm also going to pick off a few little chard leaves and see if they're nice in the pork and pasta dish I am cooking for dinner tonight, shredded and wilted.  I also wonder if it crisps up in the oven, like kale.  Must give it a go.

Then it will be home to dry washing (hopefully) and a pile of ironing.  Must keep up with that now.
Or I might take a trip to B&Q to look at their lights.  I want to replace four of my lights.  The ones in the hall and the downstairs loo are as many years old as I have lived here and are in shocking condition while the bathroom light is broken and the bedroom ceiling fan is no longer with us.  So I have things to buy!  That's the sort of shopping I enjoy although I'm missing Bhs for lights.  They used to have such a good range.

I also have a trip to the charity shop to make with lots of bits and bobs that need handing on!

Looking at this, maybe it's not such an easy day after all.  But it will be good and all the sorting out is very therapeutic, representing as it does, some laying down of the past!  😃