Tuesday 6 June 2017


. . . and a warm 'Welcome Home' to my blogging friend, Diane.  I hope you've had a wonderful time and have brought the sunshine back with you - please.

Well, we knew the weather was going to turn, didn't we?  We may slightly mock the weather people but they are usually pretty accurate in their predictions and they certainly got it right yesterday.  By early evening it was pouring with rain and the wind was picking up too.

After a weekend away, it was nice to see that things have come on in the garden.  I always feel a bit inferior after visiting Mum and Dad as they have a wonderfully tended and care for garden.  Dad's cut down on the number of veggies he grows now but those he still has are coming on so well - corn, courgettes, runner beans, broad beans and tomatoes.

Here, the tomatoes are coming on nicely.  The montellos,so slow to get going last year, are forging ahead and now have flowers coming.  The sungolds have taken to their patch and are also sending out flower buds which the Mystery Tomatoes were put in their for ever home yesterday and seem to have survived.  They are Italian and I have put the container in a warm and sunny part of my little patch of land.
 The montellos

The sungolds

The Mystery Tomatoes.
The pot they are in is a pretty large pot with plenty of depth, so they should be OK there.

The strawberries are doing well too and, although the Ruby Anns are looking less pretty now, that's because the fruit is coming in.  From the bases, more flowers are coming too.  It was advertised as all-summer fruiting and, right now, that looks encouraging.
That's just one of several.

The bush that thinks it's a tree has been beautiful in this, its first proper flowering year.  When I had the old one, the one that had to come out as it was trying to reach the sky, I didn't realise that the fruit can be used for jam, cordial, flavour, etc, but now I know I intend to make use of whatever comes along, even if it is just an added flavour in some apple jam or something similar.  There's plenty of recipes on Google.

Fingers crossed for fruit.

There has been one disaster though - the runner beans.  I only have three plants.  It's not too late though and this time I am planting in pots to bring them on indoors before planting them out when they are stronger.  Cropping will be later but will go on later too so it should be OK.  But only three when I planted twelve?  I wonder what happened there.

After all that, lets get back on topic.  I had a very pleasant journey home yesterday morning and in the afternoon I was in school, helping out with FS.  It was all very pleasant.  

My Dad always likes to support small businesses and, after watching a programme called 'Back to the Land' he sent off for some muesli from a small artisan business called Lakeland Mues (I think).  Being the very generous soul that he is, he also ordered two bags for me so I shall be having a posh breakfast of artisan muesli, natural yogurt and home grown strawberries today.  Doesn't that sound delicious!

Today, the weather being what it is, is NOT an allotment day.  I'm a fair weather gardener and while I've been typing this after taking the photos above the rain has started again!  However, I will do a bit at home, planting more runner beans, and I have some planning (quite a lot of planning) to be getting on with so I won't be bored.

And with that, I had better get started or the day will just drizzle away, like the rain!

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