Saturday 17 June 2017


Good morning, everyone.  It looks as if we're in for a spell of good weather and today is no exception.  That's good, because it's the June Fair today and the last couple of years have been less than ideas, weather-wise.

This will be the first time in decades that I have no responsibility for a stall of any kind.  Not that I am being lazy, dear me, no.  Today another governor and I have been given the job of judging the entries for the bake-off competition so, by lunchtime, I will be all caked out!!!  That won't stop me enjoying all the fair has to offer but it might stop me going for that hot dog!

Today's going to be a bit busy so I must get started.  Have a good day, everyone, and stay cool.


  1. Sounds like good fun!
    By the time you've nibbled all those cakes you might be longing for a savoury hot dog ...;-)

  2. Oh, you poor thing fancy being forced to eat cake my condolences:)

  3. It was, Annabeth, and I did fancy a hot dog, but it wasn't a very nice one, sadly. Never mind, I will spoil myself with a good, home cooked one at some point.

    Cake isn't a favourite, Diane, but there weren't too many entries, so it was OK really.

    J x