Friday 16 June 2017


It feels awfully like Saturday for some reason.  Since retirement, I have had a tendency to muddle my days although tuition has helped to ground me to a certain extent.

Anyway, it is gloriously sunny again this morning although the nights are still pleasantly cool and comfortable.  It certainly is a treat I will never stop appreciating - to wake early, go downstairs, make my coffee and then sit in my lovely arbour, dressing gown on, kindle, book or magazine to hand and appreciate the sights and sounds of  the time before most people around me have woken.  The air has a peculiarly clear quality, the birds sing their hearts out and there's usually a fresh breeze to stir the wind chimes.  Combine that with the certainty that I have all the time I want to take and it is sheer bliss.

Yesterday was also lovely.  I only had time to water the plants at the allotment and, as I did so, make some mental notes of places that need another weed.  I am absolutely determined to keep up with that particular task - I never, ever again want it to get into that state!

In the evening, I went to the Arcadians' latest offering, One Night Only.  I know it is only a fortnight since their last show and, no, they are not usually that prolific but they were offered an evening at the local theatre which was too good to miss.  They performed songs from some of the shows they have done in recent years and one block from a show they certainly haven't done, Les Mis.
Their shows are very good but I also love their concerts where singing is the aim and they need tp 'tell the story' without costume or backcloth.  They sing so well and are blessed with a considerable number of good solo voices, not to mention an outstanding musical director.
Well done to them all.

I have no idea about today except that I will be eating out this evening which will be nice.  I love an empty day full of possibility and promise.  I wonder what it holds.


  1. The early summer mornings are glorious. You might like this gardening saying "never let a weed see a Monday" or perhaps one years seeding equals seven years seeding. Keep up the good work!!!

  2. Very wise sayings, I think.
    j x