Tuesday 20 June 2017


Hello, everyone.  Wasn't it a scorcher yesterday.  Jolly uncomfortable inside, even with fans on, and not nice outside even in the shade.

As mentioned yesterday, I arrived home from my parents' and got going with stuff.  I managed two loads of washing before setting out for school where the FS classroom was, as I had suspected, hot and the children were sitting quietly with their water in front of them, watching something suitable on the screen.  As we said, it was too hot for anything else.

It's coming up to the end of the school year now - just four weeks to go - so after doing my usual thing, I started preparing stuff for the new year and the new class.  It's those little things that can be a real pain so the more of it I can do, the easier for everyone else.

Then it was home for a cool down in front of the fan, some watering and an early night.  It wasn't a good night - I did sleep but it was restless.

Today is busy.  I'm going to water the allotment early and may very well go back this evening to give it all another watering.  I have a meeting with the mum of a potential summer pupil, a workman is turning up at some point to do some 'stuff', I have the usual two tuition sessions and then there's a 'strategy' meeting at school.  No, I have no idea either, but I will know better afterwards.  I won't be talking about it here though!  :-)

I wonder if it will be any more comfortable here today.  Fingers are crossed and I'm very grateful for a consistent supply of clean, cold water, something I guess most of us just take for granted.
Not me thought, not today!  Maybe not you either.


  1. I will second your comment on water but I do wish we made better use of grey water. Why do we flush our toilets with drinking water - stupid or what!

  2. So we? I understood that all my upstairs cold water must not be used as drinking water.
    J x