Saturday 24 June 2017


Good morning, everyone.  Welcome to another weekend.  It's cool and cloudy here - the first time in many days that the sun has not been shining - and a bit of rain is forecast although I will believe that when I see it!

Yesterday really was a lovely day.  It was fine and sunny, but fresh and breezy and that oppressive heat had disappeared overnight.  I met Beth down the allotment and we pottered around gently.  I weeded and watered and she strimmed and then tackled the table and benches at the back.  It had been uncovered for a while and was coated in bird poo!  She had a strong scrubbing brush, loads of water and some antibacterial spray and before she got going with that, she tightened all the screws and nuts and bolts.  I forgot to take a photo of the finished table/chairs - they now needs painting anyway - but we had bought a fairly substantial cover so I took a photo of them covered.

On top are a couple of broken slabs, to keep it on until we get round to drawing up the strings round the bottom.
Well done, Beth.

This summer we are going to re-paint the shed using Cuprinol Garden Shades and we will do the table and benches at the same time, either in the same colour or a toning colour.  We've got a lot of choice.
I quite like the sage and seagrass but am also rather taken with the blue and violet shades.  I don't think Beth will let me though!

I wasn't home long before the cleaner turned up and an hour later I had a nice, clean downstairs.  I sat outside and read for a while, then came in and just generally pottered sleepily.  I shouldn't be sleepy, I slept really well Thursday night, but maybe the previous restless nights had caught up.  Anyway, I was in bed before nine and had another lovely, cool, cosy night waking after five.  That's a lie in!

Today I am going shopping, then allotmenting (finishing weeding round the potatoes and then watering, weather permitting) and after that it is probably going to be yet another very lazy day!  I could get used to this, you know!

I'll finish off with two flower photos.  The green beans are starting to flower and the cucumber has five flowers (or it did yesterday).  A promise of good things to come.


  1. It is lovely to watch your progress with the allotment. I can almost taste the lovely fresh vegetables

  2. Me too, Diane. I'm having to develop patience here!
    Thanks - I used to love your garden posts too. They inspired me.
    J x