Tuesday, 20 December 2016


Hi, everyone.  It feels jolly cold this morning so I am snugly wrapped in my fleece-type dressing gown and slippers with a steaming coffee beside me and the Christmas tree lights twinkling behind me and it feels wonderful.  I know I grumble about my early waking habits but I do love these quiet, peaceful times when I feel safe and warm and at peace.

Coffee and cakes at school yesterday was very pleasant.  I had some good catch up chats with people and it was all very enjoyable indeed.

Then it was home for the rest of the day where I got bits and bobs done and sorted.

Today is rather more busy.  I am going to Al's last ever annual review of statement this morning, then on to school for a short while and then, after that, the lovely Sharon is round to do our Christmas cut.  I'm glad - my hair feels rather shaggy right now and definitely needs a tidy up.

Today's music is local.  A Christmas song written by a friend,  Nicki Sims.  I was lucky to find a recording of it - I wasn't sure that there was one still around but You Tube is a great resource!

 I love this song.

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