Tuesday 6 December 2016


Yesterday's frost.

Hello, gentle readers.  It it a cold, foggy morning here but, thankfully, there is no frost: if there had been, driving conditions would have been pretty dangerous.  As it is, people just have to go carefully.

I got into town nice and early and there were plenty of parking slots.  When I got back to the car park, it was crowded and cars were queuing to get in - on a Monday!  That's Christmas for you!

I managed to do everything on my list and also found a nice Christmas present for someone which was extra but not unnecessary.  I noticed that, in one of the precincts, there is a new shop that sells 'wholefoods' so I took a look in there and bought a nice big bag of dried cranberries which I use a fair amount.  I visited Lakeland, of course, and am now stocked up with dried yeast and with red paper napkins for the Christmas buffets.  I shall use real ones for The Dinner itself.

Once home, I pottered, tidied, sorted, knitted, ironed and generally kept busy.  It was a pleasant day.

Today, I started off well by not getting up until after seven.  That means a bit of a rush shortly but nothing too bad (or I wouldn't be writing this now).
Beth comes over after dropping Al off and while she works on a Christmas present for someone, I shall finish off the last dribs and drabs of School Fair stuff.  Then I am off to school pm, not to do reading but to help the littlies get into their costumes for their dress rehearsal.  I won't be watching the rehearsal so I shall pop over the road and do the week's shopping before going back to help then get into their ordinary clothes again.  Hopefully, I shall be a very helpful extra pair of hands.

So - a busy day but a pleasant one!

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