Friday 9 December 2016


Good morning.  It's still quite dark so, I expect, it is another very dull and dismal day out there.  Still, I don't have to go out until early evening and no sun means I don't see the muck on the windows so much!

I enjoyed yesterday again.  If it wasn't so pleasant, all these enjoyable days would be boring and it probably is for you, my readers.  🙂

Yesterday evening, after tuition, I had a grand time on you tube, listening to all my old favourites from Christmasses in the past.

I think my absolute favourite of all time is Pearsall's version of In Dulci Jubilo which I met when I sang in the Madrigal Group/Chapel Choir at secondary school.

I like this clip especially because it has the music so I can sing along (when no-one is listening) and remember those times when I was my happiest at school - making music with like minded friends.
The choir is the incomparable Kings College choir.

And then, in contrast, a version that is far more the carol as it was usually performed, I expect, as a jolly dance.  Mike Oldfield's version.

Ah, nostalgia!

Today it's the Christmas Fair.  I'm looking forward to dealing with the piles of stuff in the living room and getting it all put away tomorrow.  It's been a long week for my ex-colleagues in the Infant department what with pantomimes, shows and the Fair tonight.  I expect they can't wait for the weekend and a bit of a rest.  I'm rather missing all the fun of the season - making cards and little gifts for family, special work sheets, tinsel everywhere, different things happening, but I am not missing the general exhaustion that sets in after a while.

It's time for another coffee so I will go.  Have an enjoyable day!


  1. You managed to suddenly make me feel Christmassy, used to sing this at School, long, long time ago now!

    Having NitterKnatter Xmas lunch today and going to see our great niece on Sun, just finished her sweater last night, so in the nick of time! Yay!!! It's been a difficult 'birth' with 4 vertical stripes in the front. (Moving about 9 bobbins every few stitches is not my idea of fun! I've done it once now but I don't think intarsia and me are destined for a happy friendship in future!

    So, yes, all in all Christmas has arrived!

  2. :-) I think it was a favourite. Complex and yet surprisingly simple and very accessible.I hope you have a wonderful day and weekend.

    J xxx

  3. Last year I trawled around for ages to find Lauritz Melchior O holy night which was a childhood favourite but with tenacity and the internet I found it and now it is on my Christmas morning carols playlist. I drive the family crazy by playing carols at high volume while I fiddle in the kitchen and worse still I sing along

  4. Good for you - quite right too!
    J x