Thursday 1 December 2016


Phew - what a day yesterday was.  All go from start to finish but I got there - eventually.

The bread was made by 9:00 am and then I totally forgot to get it to school.

There were problems with the tax stuff - access problems, not money problems.  So it's a case of try again tomorrow!

I've finished the nativity crib set and very cute it looks too, apart from the little sheep.  I had a struggle with the little sheep!  I shall take it in to the person I made it for this morning.  Photos have been taken!

I thought the governors meeting was 7:30, got an email reminding us that it was 6:30, emailed back to grovel and say I'd be late, changed something to fit it in,  then got another email to say it was indeed 7:30.  Doh!!!
My trouble is, I always assume that I am wrong and the other person is right.

Picked Al up from school and took him home, then picked him up again later and he stayed here overnight.  He's still fast asleep now, as are most sensible people who do not have to be awake.

Tuition went really well.  It's all flowing nicely now and I can see progress with all my pupils, which is encouraging.

Governors committee meeting was interesting - and I seem to have been voted in as vice chair of this particular committee.  It was worrying to see that the date of the next meeting was 1-1-17 until it was corrected to 1-3-17, amid general laughter.

Today looks like being a whole lot easier.  I'm not wanted in school this afternoon because there's a show rehearsal.  This morning is blank apart from getting Al to school and getting a loaf and a nativity set to school.  Park of tuition is attending a meeting.  Everything else is planned and prepared.

I have to do it take off the extremely damaged curtain linings and do a quick hemming job round the sides and bottom.  Then I can replace the blanket that covered my bedroom window overnight with unlined curtains.  I also have washing (drying and ironing) to do so here's hoping for a good day!  It's rather cold right now!

I hope your day goes well.

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