Saturday 31 December 2016


Finally, it is Saturday at last!  New Year's Eve again, the end of another year, one which has been quite good for me personally although not so good in other rather more important and significant ways.

It's not icy this morning.  In fact, the ice cleared quickly yesterday, leaving a dull, damp, dismal, slightly foggy day with not a glimmer of sun to relieve the depression.  I've checked the BBC weather and they seem to think it will be the same today too.

I bustled around getting the house sorted out for the cleaners, not that it took long as it's still in its Christmas and tidy state.  Then I sat and knitted while watching a DVD: highly indulgent and very much enjoyed.  When the cleaners arrived I went out.  I like to give them a clear run and also there's a puritanical streak inside me that makes me feel incredibly guilty if they are working while I am playing.  I know I would only be in the way if I tried to help as they have their methods and routines and anyway, what do I pay them for, so I tend to disappear.

Yesterday I headed off for Hobbycraft but realised before very long that, judging by the traffic and the queues for various car parks, I wouldn't stand a snowball's chance of a parking slot.  And so it was - as I approached the Hobbycraft roundabout, the queues each way to get in dismayed me so much I headed off in a different direction and ended up at Sainsbury's where there was some parking to be seen.

I pottered round, treated myself to some new slippers and the new monthy food magazines which I will enjoy over the next fortnight or so.  I've weaned myself off the weekly rubbish magazines now, but the monthlies do seem much better value and can be very interesting, although there's not always very much I actually fancy making and the recipes tend to be pretty expensive.

Once home again, I settled to some more knitting.  I have finished the knitting for the doll itself and now have to work out how it all goes together, especially putting on the hair.  Once I have done all that, making the clothes will be great fun!

Then I have another crib set to make for someone.  I have decided to make one piece in the set per week.  After all, I do have almost all year to get it done!

Today starts with some shopping - Hobbycraft will be fine first thing in the morning.  Then I have ironing to do and a bed to make up.  Alex is staying over tonight.  I asked what he would like to eat, expecting him to say pizza, but he asked for a Christmas dinner as he wasn't really that well last week, didn't have much and didn't really enjoy what he did have.  That's easy - I have the turkey in the freezer and the rest is really just a simple roast dinner with a few bells on, the component parts of which I already have or can make.

Today's food
B:  bran flakes and fruit
L:  home made soup
D:  Christmas dinner !!!

Time for a coffee and then I shall make the stuffing - dead easy with a packet mix and some added bacon and ham for flavour.  I have half an onion so I will chop that finely, microwave it soft and add it to the mix too.

Have a great day, however you are spending it and enjoy any celebrations of which you may be a part.  See you next year.


  1. Thanks for the comment Joy hope you have a good new year and can I request a knitted crib for next year? I don't care what the price is the work is worth it.

  2. Well, bless you, of course you can, thank you very much indeed. I will send the details to your email address.
    J x

  3. Not for publishing.
    Whenever I click to comment a new window for SexTV pops up which is very unnerving. I have to close down 2 windows to get myself back here. Is there any way that this can stop happening? I don't know whether other people have the same problem!

  4. A Very Happy New Year to you and yours. Enjoy your second Christmas!

  5. I have the same problem as Mum. This is the only blog it happens on.

    Happy New Year to you and I look forward to getting to know you better in 2017.