Monday 12 December 2016


Morning, everyone.  I got quite a lot done yesterday, especially knitting and sorting out all our craft stuff for putting away, after buying what I wanted for myself and others.  I was glad to get that done!  Something very nice is that we have sold a few more of our card kits.  One friend couldn't get to our stall on Friday night and another bought two and wished she had bought more because her children loved making their cards.

It's going to be a busier day today and I have taken a leaf out of Diane's book and made A List!

Mine says
Make bread
Yellow room
Carol service 1:30.  Take cards and stuff
Deliver bread
Get money?

That says it all really.
The bread is on and Thermionising (yes, I cheat!) and I am doing my usual early morning stuff before disappearing upstairs for a morning of hard work.

This afternoon is the school carol service.  The juniors all walk to St Andrews for this and the singing is fantastic.  I'm very much looking forward to it all.

Today's Christmas music is an old favourite.  Cornelius' 'Three Kings for Persian Lands Afar' with the accompanying chorale 'How Brightly Shines'.  I sang this at school more than once (just the alto in the chorale) and I love the contrast between the flowing  plainchant-y style melody with the chorale underpinning it.  I love harmony and never hankered after the more showy upper parts.  Even a seemingly 'boring' alto line can turn harmonies into something very special.

I hope you enjoy it too.

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