Monday 26 December 2016

Boxing Day - Monday

Good morning, everyone.  It's a lovely, sunny day today and we are all bleary eyed and inclined towards sleep.

Food is leftovers and then more leftovers, so a very easy day really.  Folk are coming for lunch but leaving afterwards.

Yesterday was great but after a very busy Christmas Eve and a very early wake on The Day, by the time lunch was over I was ready to crash.  So I did.  As I said on Facebook:

"I'm now enjoying ye olde, anciente tradition that goeth something like . . .
'She (or he) who doeth ye dinner, doth not do ye clearing, washing uppe and putting awaye.' "

A few photos of tables but not of people as they don't want me to.  Fair enough!

Now I'm off into the kitchen to start organising leftovers.  Such hard work!  😀

I hope yesterday was all you wanted it to be and that today is also a good day.