Saturday 3 December 2016


Good morning, gentle readers, and welcome to Saturday.  It's damp and chilly outside but not icy, thank goodness.  Maybe it will brighten up as the sun rises - the weather forecast looks quite optimistic anyway.

Thankfully, the house is now nice and clean after the ministrations of the cleaners yesterday.  I'm not expected to help: indeed, any help would not be welcome as they have their methods and bring their own equipment but, even so, I always feel guilty!  Yesterday was worse.  Usually it's two cleaners and one hour but yesterday it was one cleaner and two hours.  Extended guilt!  😀

I was so naughty - I saw an advert for a lovely tartan bedding set.  So Christmassy and brushed cotton which I love as it takes me right back to childhood.  You can guess the rest, can't you.  No, I don't need it.

After the cleaner had gone, I managed to get the remaining piles of books into school for the Christmas Fair.  I'm pleased, although it caused more than a few pangs to leave them there.  How ridiculous can one get.  After all, I never, ever look at them or use them, they just sat on the shelves gathering dust!

What I didn't do is any yellow room clearing so that's top of the list today.

What's on your list today?