Saturday, 17 December 2016


Good morning to you!

Yesterday was another very pleasant day for yours truly.  More pasta salads followed by a Christmas dinner where I ended up sitting with Y1.  Then I went home so knit and snooze the afternoon away.  Goodness, I was so tired!  I did intend to do the ironing in the evening and even piled it all up on a chair ready but while the spirit was indeed willing, the flesh proved far too weak so guess what is first on today's list!

Apart from that, the rest of today will be used up in sorting out bits of general clutter and getting it all away before bringing in the Christmas boxes from the garage.  I will also be preparing for tomorrow's lunch and buffet.  It may only be me, Beth and Al but it will be planned and prepped to within an inch of its life nonetheless!

When I went shopping the other day, Morrisons had wonky potatoes and, when I looked more carefully, the pack said they were Maris Pipers.  Well, couldn't say no to that, could I?  The only wonkiness is that they are quite small so absolutely perfect for a bit of baking!  Loaded potato skins, anyone?

That, with some salad bits, some crisps, a selection of cheese with fresh made bread and a bit of meat for us carnivores followed by some home made biscuits and a few mince pies will do very nicely.  I have to go shopping so tomorrow morning I will be hammering on the door of Morrison's at ten when it opens!.

So that's today.  Work but slow, steady and culminating in the Strictly final this evening so I can then get on with the knitting.  The second wise man is almost finished!

My Christmas music for today is one that I sang in the English version but this is in the original language, sung by the incomparable Kings Singers.

Es ist ein Ros' entsprungen

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