Monday 5 December 2016


Good morning!  Another very frosty and slightly misty morning here in the South/East and I'm not looking forward to popping into town this morning, although I must!

While Beth was round yesterday, we got everything down and sorted for our stall on Friday.  It's quite a nice array of stuff this year and, if I have time, I will take a few photos when it is all set up.

My Christmas bedding arrived yesterday.  It's lovely - well, bright and Christmassy tartan and lovely and soft.  It's been washed so today I shall iron it and air it and then it will be ready for putting on the bed on Christmas Eve.   Silly, really, isn't it?

I made some bread yesterday but then got into sorting out our stall things and forgot that there were two loaves proving, so they were rather over risen with great bubbles on the top.  Not something I can give to my 'customer' although fine for me, so I will be making another batch today, when I have picked up some yeast.  I am now totally out of yeast which is an oversight on my part.

Once home after shopping and doughing, it's Yellow room with a timer to remind me of the bread.

And that's about it today!

Have a good one!


  1. Wonderful - clean, new sheets to snuggle into tonight.

  2. nothing like clean new sheets to snuggle under

  3. I love the first time I snuggle into clean bedding.
    J x