Thursday 29 December 2016


Good morning, gentle readers.  Around here it is another very cold and frosty early morning but no fog at the moment.  Because of my early waking habits, the heating comes on at around five, so it's nice and cosy and, as usual, I am counting my blessings with sincere gratitude.

I finished off dealing with that old turkey yesterday and now I have enough meat for twelve meals squirrelled away in my freezer in old take away containers - four of sliced white breast meat and eight of chunks of mixed brown and white, all covered in stock.  I have frozen portions for two rather than for one because I can see me using them when Alex comes over.  I also have a small pot of turkey fat which I will use when frying or roasting, I think, or maybe as dripping on toast, a real throwback to childhood when it was a favourite.  In fact, that's what I shall have for breakfast today, well seasoned.  Hardly healthy but most certainly economical!

So that's the end of the turkey and the cooked veg and there is one mince pie left.  Also, embarrassingly, I found an old Christmas pudding (commercial, not home made) in a high cupboard that is now over a year out of date (pudding, not cupboard).  I console myself with the fact that Mum used to keep her puddings for years and, at some point, will open it and see.  It it is manky, I shall chuck it but if, as I suspect, it is still OK, I shall enjoy it very much.

Back to yesterday.  After sorting the turkey, I continued with the washing and got a few loads done.  At one point the door leaked and my heart sank, but I think it must have not closed properly because after that it was fine again.  A bit unnerving though!

Now I have finished the knitted crib, I have nothing to knit, so I looked through my collection of Greenhowe patterns and found one for a 'dress up doll' quite like one children had in the olden days.  A doll in underwear and patterns for removable garments.  I have a number of friends with little girls and so does Beth and I am sure it will end up somewhere so, while watching Harry Potter I started knitting again.

Not having something to do with my hands when I set down of an afternoon and/or evening just feels so wrong but at my age I don't want to knit just any old thing!  It has to appeal.

Today, being Thursday, is usually wheelie bin day and it took me a while to remember that they're not coming today, they are collecting tomorrow this week.  I am most impressed that they have managed to keep the once a week collection going through the holiday week.  My bin is full and over the road, where they have children, their bin is overflowing.  To miss a week, as used to happen, would be a minor disaster!
I have been very good this week and have the bag of recycling card ready for collection.  All the paper is in a basket and I need to flatten it all out so that when the card has been taken I can put the paper in the sack instead for next week's collection.

Today will be spent washing, drying and ironing but the major task on the list is to turn out the fridge and see exactly what is left.  Then I can plan my meals accordingly.  I will have to do a little bit of shopping as Alex is staying overnight, but a pizza and some crisps is not going to break the bank.

Today's food will probably be , , ,
B:  toast and dripping
L: broccoli soup (made with a stem I saved earlier on in the week)
D:  something turkey-ish, most likely curry as I have a recipe for left-over turkey biryani.

And now I must have my first coffee . . .


  1. Yum, toast and dripping for breakfast. Sadly I can't have that this year as I went to friends for Christmas Day and didn't cook the turkey myself.

    I've just started following your blog and we seem to have a lot in common. I'm a semi retired music teacher (semi, as I kept a couple of schools for my own enjoyment), love all things Harry Potter and really enjoyed your selection of Christmas carols. I can't knit though!

    I'm following your blog now.

  2. Hello, Eileen, it's lovely to 'meet' you. Welcome to my blog.
    Shame about the lack of leftovers but it must have made The Day easier for you.

    J x

  3. Knowing the ingredients will be similar, and having once discovered a pud like that in a cupboard, doubtless ti will be perfectly okay and ought to be tasty. Jx

  4. That's my thinking too, Joan - If it's a bit dry, I can deal with that . . .
    J x