Sunday 4 December 2016


Well, it's a real cold and frosty morning this morning, very pretty indeed.

However, I shall have to spend some time in the garden this week as many of the plants have now been frost damaged and need dealing with.

Yesterday I discovered two manky bananas so I made a couple of banana loaves, one for now and one for the freezer for Christmas.  I will probably drizzle icing over the Christmas one to make it look more 'festive' - I wonder if you can get edible glitter to add to icing - must take a look around!
Here's the one that's already been attacked.  It is simple but delicious.

I enjoyed watching Strictly last night - they are all getting so, so good now.  I reckon it's Judge Rinder's turn to go - he doesn't have the polish of the others.  What do you think?

Today, Beth and Al are coming over for lunch and after lunch Beth and I will be sorting out all our 'stock' for the school Christmas Fair on Friday.  Yes, it is that time of year again and we have plenty of merry, festive stuff to sell.  Fingers crossed!

Have a lovely Sunday and stay warm!


  1. Banana loaf looks very tempting!

    I expect Judge Rinder gets so carried away with the joy of the dance he can't help his gaping mouth but I do wish he'd shut it!

    It's going to be close this year and for me it's either Danny or Louise but we'll probably get a major upset soon and one of the top couples will go.

  2. Bannan bread looks good save me a slice

  3. Annabeth - it's got to happen soon, hasn't it? And yes, that mouth is such a put-off. He needs duct tape!

    :-) @ Diane. Any time, my friend.

    J x