Thursday 8 December 2016


Well, what a lovely, interesting, happy day yesterday was!

It started when I wrote yesterday's entry at extremely stupid o'clock after which I felt the tiredness return so went back to bed, set the alarm and, thankfully, dropped back off to sleep again.  It was just as well because there wasn't much chance to snooze during the day and I would have been mortified to fall asleep in the governors' meeting.

It had been invited to the first performance of Whoops-a-Daisy Angel and it was gorgeous.  I felt Christmas had started.  I'm very fortunate to have been able to maintain close ties with the school I taught at for so long and to which I have became so attached.

A few minutes after I got home, Beth and Jane came round so that Beth could show off what we have made for the fair on Friday (and she sold a few bits too)!

I have taken to providing some home made yummies for the Governors so I set to and used my new cookie cutters and a simple 1,2,3 shortbread recipe to make some biscuits.  And that's where I came a bit of a cropper because the cutters were very hard to use and what came out was useless and had to be re-rolled.  I ended up looking on the Lakeland page at the reviews and, yes, lots of people had problems.  I read through all the comments and suggestions, made mental notes and tried again and this time my strategies worked and I ended up with some lovely looking snowflake biscuits that went down a treat at the meeting!

I also noted that people complained that they rusted quickly so after washing them, I popped them in the warm oven to dry thoroughly.  Fingers crossed, because I want to make some more on Monday for my dear little FS class that I hear read once a week.

Then it was tuition time and I had another lovely session.  I am so enjoying these tuition times.

After tea it was off to the governors' meeting where I took on a bit more responsibility as a Y3 link governor and I was also asked to take responsibility for my two favourite subjects, music and art, so I came home a very happy and satisfied bunny.

A very busy day and I slept extremely well - a great relief

Today I'm in school p.m., then it is tuition x 2 and that's it so housework will be done in between other stuff


  1. Housework is always kind and waits for you don't worry it won't go away.

  2. I know - nice, isn't it? :-)
    J x

  3. Your blog is becoming more and more like my beloved Miss Read books, especially when she is retired, of course! Thank you very much for the 'heads up' about the biscuit cutters because I wanted to buy them but the reviews were very off putting. I think I may have read your hints on the Lakeland site about how to use them, and have made a note for next week when I hope to spend some time cooking nice Christmassy things. Instead of a Christmas Cake this year I am making a wreath of overlapping pepparkakor biscuits and they will be different sizes and shapes of stars, some with white icing, some with red, and some just with silver balls. So it will be fun:)

  4. Hi, Sweffling, I'm so sorry I missed your comment when you posted it.
    What a lovely thing to say. I love the Miss Read books too and the thought that I sound a bit like her is great.
    I've used the cutters several times ow and it definitely gets easier except for the one with the sort of flower shape in the middle and that is still a right pain. It is really just making sure that the dough isn't too crumbly and employing a good dollop of patience. The resulting biscuits do look lovely and I reckon it's worth the effort.
    Your wreath sounds brilliant.
    J x