Wednesday 14 December 2016


Woo hoo.  Nearly done with the yellow room and now just need to put certain stuff away.  The cupboard over the stairs wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and the bin is a bit full and a bit heavy but never mind.  This year, with collections on Thursday, we don't miss a week and the only change is that the collection between Christmas and New Year is on Friday.  Plenty of time to dump stuff in dribs and drabs.

One advantage I never anticipated - going through all my books has brought up a whole load that I would love to read again.  I'm very happy about that as, while I don't have a lot of reading time during the day, I dearly love to read in bed, both at night and in the morning.  I always was a bed reader and I thought I was fooling my parents.  Fat chance - they knew but chose to ignore it because they knew what I was like and there are a lot of worse things than reading in bed!

So - yesterday.  I did a lot in the yellow room as you may have gathered and the rest of the morning was spent baking snowflake biscuits for the class I hear read on Tuesday afternoons.  I gather they went down well, although I wasn't able to stay and see them enjoy them.  I have also sent them an interactive card so I hope they have fun with that too.

As for today, it is more preparations for Christmas this morning plus a bit of planning for my last tuition session of the year and then I am off to Morrisons, not to shop but to listen to the choir singing.  Now that I am governor with responsibility for the arts, I no longer need to feel slightly foolish at attending all these musical things.  It is now my bounden duty, isn't it?  😀

Should be a good day!

Today's Christmas music is a lovely song called 'In the first light' composed and performed by an acapella group called Glad.  I first 'met' Glad at one of the Spring Harvests I went to in the 1990s.  They did a slot in the Big Top (which I missed as I was at the alternative celebration) and got a most unusual standing ovation.  Afterwards the site was buzzing and they were so well received that they did a concert the next day, to which I went.  Absolutely stunning, especially in that atmosphere.

Now, I love choral and acapella singing (although I don't care for barbershop) and I think the voice is a great instrument.  It used to annoy me no end when the pastors used to call us 'the musicians and the singers' as if singers weren't musicians.  Grrrrr.

Back to Glad.  This is one of the songs they did then, although the clip is a lot more recent, and I have loved it ever since.  I hope you like it.


  1. Hi Joy - glad you are being so productive - I need to get myself going too! Is that Hylands in you banner photo ?

  2. Hi!

    No, actually it is the view across the farmlands where Copperfield Road meets Chignall Road. Nice, isn't it?

    J x