Friday 30 December 2016


The days really are getting confused.  All day yesterday it felt like Friday so today has to be Saturday, right?  Wrong!  Another Friday!  Friday's are nice so no complaints!

It's still jolly cold and shaded bits of my garden remained frosty all day yesterday.  I gather it is expected to remain cold through the weekend before maybe warming up a bit next week.  It's nice to have some proper frosts: they make the world look so attractive.

Yesterday went well.  I made some broccoli soup with the left over broccoli stem and it was delicious.  I have some cream left over so I added a bit plus a bit of soft cheese which always adds a little something to the flavour of a soup.  I made a 'Turkey leftovers biryani' that I found on the Tesco site and it, also, was jolly tasty - still is as there's enough soup and curry for today as well.

I made myself get organised and booked the car in for a service.  It's needed one for a while and the local Peugeot place makes it very simple.  All done online and they tell you how much it will cost.  They also do a car collection and delivery back afterwards at no extra cost so I've gone for that as it makes things so much easier for me.
I thought it would need an MOT but no, not until September so that's now in my diary so I don't forget.
Finally, I paid my road tax.  They really do make it so simple nowadays.  All online, all done in less than five minutes.
So the car is now legal for the next year.

The PC is home again and running smoothly, thanks to my clever friend, Eddie.  How I would manage the technology side of things without his help I really don't know.  How fortunate am I, eh?

Since stopping teaching, I have used home printed sheets as my diary which has worked fine.  However, for Christmas, Alex gave me a lovely A5 whole page per day diary with an embroidered, applique, beaded owly cover from Paperchase so I am transferring all my info from the sheets to the book and using that instead.  A most useful and welcomed gift - thanks, Al.

Once I have done that, I need to make sure the house is reasonable by sorting out my corner where I sit, knit and watch telly.  It's a bit of a mess but it is all superficial and five minutes of sorting will deal with it.  The cleaners are coming and I do like them to have a clear run.

While the cleaners are here, I'm off out to Hobbycraft (if I can find a parking slot).  I'm making some more nativity crib sets (on commissions so if you're interested, do post in comments) and am out of skin coloured yarn.  I also want to knit a Santa for our stall next Christmas, maybe as a raffle prize, and I don't have the right red for it.

Today's food is the same as yesterday's as the recipes made enough for two.  I have blogged about the biryani recipe on Teacher's Recipes as it was dead easy and really tasty!

So, today's food is:
B:  turkey dripping on toast
L: broccoli soup
D: turkey leftovers biryani
plus assorted fruit for snacks.

Have a super day.

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