Saturday 24 December 2016

Saturday: Christmas Eve.

Morning, everyone!  It's been a bit blowy, hasn't it, although I gather the north has had it worse.  The wind picked up yesterday morning and it was fun watching it tossing the branches and bushes.
I've been out to mop up the rest of the shopping (yes, I know what I said, but I feel most uncomfortable without any plain flour) and it's chilly and just spitting with rain.

As the song goes, I had a little list and didn't stick to it but I wasn't too naughty - not really.  It was busier than early Thursday morning and the shop staff looked a bit strained, bless them.  They can't look forward to today very much, I am sure.  Despite this, there were lots of smiles and 'Merry Christmas' greetings being exchanged so I hope the day goes quickly.  They are opening on Boxing Day but, I gather from what one checkout lady said, it is a voluntary thing and she's not!).  I do wonder if it will be worth it.

Yesterday first thing, I finished off the little sheep for the crib, breathed a sigh of relief and then remembered that I hadn't done the gifts for the wise men.  More fiddly stuff!  All done now, as you can see from the photo at the top, each figure is wrapped in white tissue and they are all in a red shiny gift bag.  I did all the wrapping at the same time, although there wasn't really all that much to do.  Multiple gifts go with smaller children and in our gang even Alex is adult now.  Having said that, it still looks exciting!

(you can see the red shiny bag!)
I pottered around doing bits and bobs until family arrived.  We had home made soup (tomato and mushroom - not together!) for lunch and then I sat down and fell asleep.  After waking I sorted the flowers/holly so now there are several very amateurish displays around the house.  The holly is from Mum and Dad.  They pick some when their tree is full of berries, before the birds realise and scoff, and keep it in a bin liner bag.  Surprisingly, the berries glow as freshly as when they were still on the tree and the displays look very festive.  I have made a mental note to have some oasis in for next year though as holly seems to have a mind of its own!

What's the betting I won't remember?

The turkey has arrived and is sitting in state in the shed, still in its chilled packaging, until I decide to get it oven ready today which won't take too long as it is a KellyBronze and I cook it their recommended way which is very simple and very delicious.

I'm saving my energy so we had take away Chinese for dinner.  Such a doddle and minimal washing up afterwards.  It was jolly tasty too.

Given that it is Christmas Eve, I HAVE to have this as my music for today.  I love the tradition that they don't know who is singing the solo until just before filming starts, the conductor just points to the chosen one and off they go.  No time to panic!

And now I need another coffee.  Have a great day, however you spend this festive season, and may all your problems be small ones.


  1. I like Eric Idle's version of 'I got a little list' rather than the 'Mikado'. Jx

  2. Well - Eric Idle is brilliant! :-)
    J x

  3. Happy Christmas. I love reading your blog. I have been enjoying the Christmas music too. Heather