Thursday 22 December 2016


Grumble, grumble.  Why is it that when I have the whole day free, no commitments or responsibilities, I wake around four o'clock and can't nod off again whereas on a day like today when there's a list of things as long as my arm and an early morning shop to do, I'm struggling to keep awake!  Somebody-or-other's law, I have no doubt!

I even needed the alarm and that's something I haven't heard all that much since I retired!

Still, I'm up, bathed and looking forward to my first coffee which will be of the full caffeine variety.  That should do the trick.  Then it will be off to Morrison's.

Yesterday was satisfying.  The cleaners worked their usual magic and a bit more (like windows - yay) while I worked on the knitted crib set.  It takes almost as long to construct each figure as it does to knit it, particularly the wise men, as the headdresses are extremely fiddly.  I knew I had come to the end of my concentration yesterday evening when I realised that I had just sewed a shepherd's beard on upside down!!
I went to bed!

Never mind, today I just have him to finish, Mary, a baby and a few lambs to make up and then it is ready for a photo before wrapping.  There's a day and a half before my first visitor arrives so it'll get done.

Apart from that, I have plenty of baking to keep me occupied.  Stollen, biscotti, bread, shortbread and sundry vegetarian things are all on the list today.  If I get all that done plus sundry bits of tidying up and ironing in the evening, I will be a very happy bunny.

Today's music is 'See Amid the Winter's Snow'.  It is perhaps slower than I would take it but the singing is fantastic.

Also (because time is short and there are so many), here's the Holst version of the lovely Rosetti poem, 'In the Bleak Midwinter'.

Both, of course, sung by the incomparable Choir of Kings College, Cambridge.

Edited at 8:30 to cheer
Shopping done, Morrison's almost empty.  We few hardy souls exchanged rueful grins as we piled out trolleys with stuff.   What I haven't got now we will have to Do Without!  We won't starve.

It was 2°C when I went in and by the time I left it had dropped to around zero and the car was icing up.  It is dull and, unfortunately, foggy, so if you're driving, take care.


  1. I treated myself to the services of our local window cleaner. It's a boon, especially as I no longer 'do' stepladders. Last time I tried, I suddenly found myself in an untidy heap on the floor with no idea how I got there. Jx

  2. Oh, Joan, were you OK? What a nasty thing to happen.
    J x