Wednesday 28 December 2016


It is Wednesday, isn't it?  < checks >  Yes, it is.  I'm losing count of the days at the moment!  It's very cold out there with freezing fog so go carefully!  It's nice and warm inside though!

I haven't mentioned presents yet, have I?  We really only give very small gifts, if anything at all and that is absolutely fine.  It's an agreement we all have.  I find that most of the things I give have been home made, one way or another.  Dad was pleased with the fabric book mark I gave him and immediately replaced the one he had in his current book, which was a strip of newspaper, while his eyes lit up at the liqueur chocolates!  John seemed happy with the jars of preserves, the biscotti and the fudge (and a book mark like dad's).  Jane liked her fluffy scarf and fudge.  Mum absolutely loved the nativity crib set (phew).

I bought books for Beth, gave Alex a cheque (older teens - you know!) while Dave and Anna had a box of different chutneys (not home made this year).

So nothing very expensive and much home made and there was a lot of love around as we all opened our parcels.

Yesterday was a busy day.  Mum and Dad went home and by midday I had three lots of washing on the line.  Not that any of them  actually dried very much in the cold and still air but at least they got a freshening up.  I damp ironed it all later on and it is now airing on a rack by a radiator.  The fourth lot of washing went into the tumble dryer so will be harder to iron but never mind!
More today but slow and steady wins the race and my machine does have a very useful 'speed' setting

I ended up with a huge pot of turkey carcass and stock which simmered for hours.  It set overnight so I am reheating it, giving it another good boil and doing the rest today.  

I meant to start catching up with my Christmas viewing but there were some Harry Potter things on ITV plus Mastermind and University Challenge so I didn't start.  It will keep, after all.

Today's food:
B:  bran flakes and fruit
L:  bubble and squeak patties with a side salad
D:  either turkey and veg pie or a curry - I haven't decided which yet.

Time for my second coffee so I will stop now.  Have a good day and stay warm!

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