Friday 2 December 2016


Nearly the end of the week.  It seems to have been a very busy week one way and another and yesterday fitted into 'busy' really well.

The big announcement is that I finished the nativity crib set AND delivered it.  The recipient was very pleased, thank goodness.
Here it is . . .

Cute, isn't it?

As I was going into school, I took the opportunity to drop off some more of the huge pile of books I have sorted out.  It's the school fair next week so, hopefully, they will make some cash for the school.

I sorted out my bedroom curtains.  To recap, when my room was decorated last week they had to come down, of course, and they were filthy.  This week I washed them and the linings more or less disintegrated to the extent that I really couldn't put them up again.  I had to move back into my bedroom on Wednesday as Al was staying overnight so I safety pinned a blanket to the curtain rail as an emergency measure!

Yesterday I took off the tattered linings (cutting them across the top, to save having to unpick and re-sew the tape) and re-stitched the side seams.  They are now up again and looking fine from the inside although not so wonderful from the outside, I am sure.  At least it is usually dark before I draw them.

Now I am wondering whether it is worth making new, detachable linings for them.  It might be, as I think they will look pretty nice in the smallest spare room and there's nothing wrong with the curtains themselves apart from a bit of fading.  Ah, well, I have time to make any decision as the new curtains won't arrive until mid to end of January.

Today, first of all I have a downstairs to tidy as the cleaners are coming today and I like to give them a clear run, so to speak.  I also want to get back into school to drop off more books.  Then I think I will focus on the yellow room again.  I haven't touched it this week, what with being away and other stuff, but there's only three weeks to go before I want it sparkling and tidy so I need to get my act together again.

I also have some knitting to get on with

I think it should be another busy day today but nice-busy not exhaustingly-busy.

Have a good one yourself!


  1. The nativity is tooooooooo cute! You did a good job. The linings could have been made from flat sheets and sewn directly to the curtains. They keep it warmer in the winter and darker and protective in the summer. What are you knitting now?

  2. You had a lot of fun with those colours on the nativity, it's fab, and those woolly jumpers, just soooo cute (but how fiddly, rather you than me ;-)

    Do you have any shops where you could buy ready made curtains?

  3. Rachel: It is rather. Much more cute than I expected and it was an unexpected wrench to hand it over.
    Re the linings - I have to decide whether I want to re-use the curtains or not. I probably will but I don't really want to fuss about with the tape which I would have to do if I attached new linings. I think separate ones are the way to go (and I can make them myself without any hassle!)

    Annabeth: I do love knitting, always have done since my mum started me off before I was old enough to start school. Yes, fiddly!
    The curtains I have ordered for my bedroom are not ready made but will be made up for me. I go to this wonderful place called Chelford Fabrics. I've used them for ages and they are very good, not to mention quite local to Mum and Dad's.

    J x

  4. I love your nativity characters and admire your skilful knitting you really are very talented

  5. Thanks, Diane, that's very kind. It is one of my favourite things and so easy, you can just pick it up and put it down. You have made some lovely things yourself, haven't you?
    J x