Friday 16 December 2016


Well, the latest cold has well and truly landed and I am dosing up and staying happy!

It helps to stay busy, doesn't it?  I decided not to go back to bed yesterday morning but kept myself occupied until it was time to go to school to help with the pasta salad thingy (which was a great success - nice).

Then I popped over to Morrison's before going home to sit and fall asleep over my knitting.  Tuition was great.  Last one of the year so no more planning until next term.  Woohoo!

Eddie wasn't able to come to look at the PC so it's fingers crossed for the weekend and the laptop is now in place of honour on my desk.

I struggled to keep awake in the evening and managed it until eight o'clock before giving up and going up.  It's been a good night's sleep, despite the snuffles and the sort throat.

Today is more of the same in that I shall be in school to do pasta salad with the other Y3 class.  Before then, when I have finished and posted this, I have a downstairs to tidy before the cleaners come.  Upstairs is neat and tidy, every bit, probably for the first time ever.  This afternoon I will probably R&R over my knitting and, maybe, a DVD.  The evening will be ironing.

Today's Christmas music is another Kendrick.  This time it's Candlesong from 'The Gift'.   It's very simple but surprisingly difficult to sing really well.

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