Tuesday 13 December 2016


Good morning and welcome to another dull and slightly misty winter day.  I'm keeping the curtains drawn for a while to shut out the dullness.

Yesterday was busy but productive.   By nine thirty I had made three loaves, some fudge and some vegetarian stuffing patties.  I also managed to get on with the yellow room  and am getting there.  I still have to deal with the cupboard but I have a feeling that will be easier than what I have already done.  You never know, maybe, by the time I write my blog tomorrow, the room will be done and ready.  That would be good!

This morning I am at home and the afternoon is granny reading time.  All pretty normal really.

Today's Christmas music is a clever arrangement of 'The Angel Gabriel', sung by the Swingles.  I remember them from the 1960s with their versions of Bach classics, some of which we sang at school, and I didn't realise they were still around.  Not the original singers, of course, and they are now London based but still creating musical beauty.  There's a lot of clips on youtube.

Time for coffee and then up to the yellow room again!  I WILL get there!


  1. I really enjoyed listening to the Swingles.
    PS Now you've read this comment you can get on with the yellow room. Go girl!

  2. LOL - it's going really well! The cupboard wasn't as disorganised as I thought it would be, thank goodness.

    J x