Sunday 31 January 2016


After  a bad Friday night and a long day, I slept like a log last night but woke naturally just before five which really isn't fair!  However, it is Sunday, I can go back to bed if the spirit moves, snooze in my chair or whatever . . .

I had a busy-ish day yesterday.  No, not really, I did a couple of things in the kitchen so it felt busy!

Firstly, I had a ginormous cauliflower that was yellow stickered last weekend so I really did need to use it up fairly soon.
The outside was more battered than this one but the inside was still as sound as anything!  Just goes to show these dates aren't really worth the ink they are printed with.
  I've read with interest about cauliflower 'rice' or 'couscous' so I thought I'd take the opportunity.  After googling it to check that it can be frozen (it can), I dissected the cauli, adding all the florets to Thermione and setting aside the stalks and the more tender leaves.  It was the work of a moment to zizz the florets down into a crumbly mass of tiny, grain-like bits which went into single portion pots and straight into the freezer.

I used the stalks with an onion, a carrot, some celery, a stock pot and some seasonings to make what turned out to be a very delicious soup (four portions) and I have blogged about it all on my other blog, Teacher's Recipes.

So that 60p cauliflower plus the added soup ingredients made 10 portions of eating stuff.  No complaints there!

A little while ago I had a really nice lunch at school - a chicken burger (really just a piece of chicken) in a brioche bun.  The bun was nice, for a commercial product and I thought I might like to make some, especially when I saw a pack of four for £1 - 25p for a roll always seems a bit of a rip off when you can make your own so much more cheaply.
Google led me to a likely looking Good Food recipe and yesterday I set to.  The results were absolutely scrummy, even though I didn't do the egg wash and sesame seed bit and at just under 6p per bun, frugal in the extreme.
I shall be googling about that too

They would look nicer with egg wash and sesame seeds but I didn't have any seeds.

Later on I sat and crocheted.  I've been making 'cat bum coasters' as our latest Kitty Stitches project.  Beth posted about the idea and we have nine orders for sets so my fingers have been very busy.  They're all more or less made now and I just need to sew in a few loose ends and iron them before we pack them up and send them off.

Today I shall be making bread for one of my customers and I am umming and ahing about what to make for dinner.  I think it will be a home made vegetable curry as Alex is not coming round today but Beth is.

So - food today:
B:  poached egg on a brioche bun
D:  vegetable curry, yogurt
T:  probably soup and fruit.

Lastly - I looked at the little front patch of garden and not only have I got snowdrops out, there's also a hyacinth and several mini daffodils in flower.  I need to take some photos of these ridiculously early birds!


  1. Never mind egg wash and seeds, these look absolutely scrumptious and professional!

  2. How kind, thank you. :-) They taste wonderful too and I have really enjoyed my breakfast this morning!
    J x

  3. Snap re the mini iris! I've not been out the back yet. I've has cauliflower rice and I loved it!

  4. I'm glad it's nice . . . it's new to me and I have it planned in tomorrow to go with Jack Monroe's mushroom rogan josh.
    J x